Feel the Rhythm

Rhythm Overview

Just like nature has natural rhythms, Barefoot University rotates through five Rhythms. Each one is named after an element of nature, and weekly activities align with that element. 

Learning is based off our Rhythms and the natural changes of each season. This gives your child the opportunity to go more in-depth, spark interest in different sciences, and gain a better understanding of the elements and seasons over time. 

Yearly Rhythm

Our Yearly groups meet 36 weeks a year, broken into three 12-week cycles focused on different areas within the rhythm.

Every five years, we start over again with new activities! This repetition helps set the foundation for every level of learning through experience and play.

Mid-Year Groups

Our Mid-Year groups are a condensed version for those wanting to dip their toes in and get a taste of it all!  Mid-Year groups meet for 20-weeks, broken up into 4 weeks of each Rhythm. 

These will be separate communities from our normal yearly Rhythms.

Barefoot Rhythms

Rhythm Earthread more

Earth focuses on seasonal changes relating to geology, botany, zoology, foraging, earth sciences, minerals, fossils, and soil studies. If it grows or lives on the earth, we are learning about it.

Cycle 1: The Ground
Cycle 2: Trees & Animals
Cycle 3: Bugs & Plants

Rhythm Fireread more

Fire focuses on seasonal activities of survival skills, first aid, orienteering, outdoor safety, self-reliance, and physical skills. This rhythm really stretches the skill of Barefooters as they move out of their comfort zone to learn new things.

Cycle 1: Trail Basics
Cycle 2: Navigation & Time
Cycle 3: Food & Shelter 

Rhythm Waterread more

Water focuses on seasonal changes relating to physics, marine life, reptiles & amphibians, water habitats, rain & erosion, and movement. Our most STEM based rhythm, we explore water science and how it relates to the world around us. 

Cycle 1: Water Basics
Cycle 2: Hydrology & Environments
Cycle 3: Aquatic Life 

Rhythm Skyread more

Sky focuses on seasonal changes in the sky, astronomy, meteorology, environmental and space sciences, winged life, and flight. Don't look down, you'll miss all the fun.  

Cycle 1: Weather
Cycle 2: Astronomy
Cycle 3: Flight

Rhythm Barefootread more

Our favorite rhythm focuses on the senses, engineering, imagination, lost skills, literacy, culture and community. In true forest school fashion, Barefoot sparks spontaneity, fun, and creativity for everyone.

Cycle 1: Outdoor Classrooms
Cycle 2: Barefoot Kids
Cycle 3: Endless possibilities 

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