Volunteer Code of Conduct

Being a BU Volunteer comes with great rewards and great responsibilities. Volunteers represent Barefoot University and your actions reflect us and you.

Code of Conduct

Principal 1: Respect Others

  • Promote a respectful community by modeling respectful, encouraging behavior
  • Treat other volunteers and community members with respect and dignity
  • Refrain from using offensive language or behavior
  • Maintain confidentiality of members information
  • Be on time for activities

Principal 2: Respect Safety

  • Prioritize safety in your community

  • Remind families to use the buddy system

  • Volunteers should never go off alone with a child that is not theirs

  • When working with fire, knives, saws, or other tools go over safety information

Principal 3: Respect Nature

  • Don't allow the destruction of plants, animal homes, etc

  • Pick up trash before leaving

  • Remind kids not to break tree limbs

  • Forage responsibly

Principal 4: Respect Yourself

  • The purchase or possession of alcohol or drugs during BU activities is cause for immediate removal as a volunteer

  • Dress appropriately

  • Make time for self care, your family comes first