Lunch Finds For Forest School Days

September 1, 2023

Don’t rush off when the activity is over. Oftentimes the best part of forest school is the part after the activity. It’s when relationships are formed, small talk is made, and kids explore freely. Pack a lunch, stick around, and make some friends. We have you covered with all the best lunch accessories.

  •  This large stainless steel Bento Box has room for everything. It’s dishwasher safe, freezer-friendly. and comes in different color choices. 
  •  If you’re looking for sized options. Check out these stainless steel containers with silicone lids. The largest is big enough for a main course and the different sizes are great for sides and snacks. They’re also great for portion control. They are also leakproof and super durable. 
  •  You can’t go wrong with a Stanley. This 1.5-liter thermos is great for sharing, plus it’s super cute. It is insulated and keeps food or drinks hot or cold. 
  •  If you need a smaller or individual thermos, we love these Thermos brand food jars. It’s a two-pack and even comes with a spoon. They’re super durable and there are a lot of color options too. 
  •  These stainless steel, stackable bento boxes come in many colors and are great for the whole family. They come with an electric heating carrying case too so your food can always be hot. 
  •  This insulated lunch bag is big enough to carry food for the whole family. It has tons of space, storage pockets, is leakproof, and cute. Pick your favorite color and you are set! 
  •  If you’re looking for reusable sandwich bags, check out these Lunchskin waveones, they are perfectly themed for Rhythm Water. But if sharks are more your style, try this design. They’re both washable, food-safe, and BPA-free. If you prefer bees wrap, this sea turtle three-pack is USA-made and organic. It’s perfect for wrapping up food and reusable. 

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