Rhythm Water Shopping List

June 9, 2023

We are getting so excited about Rhythm Water in September. It’s that time a year when everyone starts planning next years homeschool adventures. So, for all the planners – we have you covered. Here’s a shopping list for Rhythm Water. All the items listed in this post are 100% optional. They can be used at home for fun or as an extension to what your Barefooter(s) will be learning next year. Some of the items are helpful for use at forest school, but are not needed to complete the activities. Scroll down to find your favorite categories and our suggested buys. 

First up on the list, here’s your must haves when it calls for dressing for and playing in the water. It’s so much easier to deal with wet clothes, wet kids, and the wet weather when you’re prepared. 


When it comes to splashing in the creek, water shoes are a must. We have the best barefoot options for kids and adults. These WateLeves barefoot water shoes for men and women are quick-dry, comfy, and anti slip. They also come in tons of color and design options. For kids, UBFEN Water Shoes are comfortable, lightweight, breathable, and fast draining. They also come in tons of styles for toddlers and kids – and they’re priced great to protect those little feet. 

A must have when there is rain or water is this Unigear Dry Bag. It’s waterproof, floats, and is lightweight. It also comes with a waterproof phone case. It keeps sand, dirt, and water off everything but the kids. 

Don’t forget to get your Barefoot Rhythm Water Shirts. These limited edition logo and water shirts come in tie-dye, v-neck, and fun water colors to sport your BU spirit this year. 

The OAKI Rain & Trail Suit for kids is always the best. These one piece suits are tough, weather resistant, and provide great protection. OAKI is made in the USA also provides a warranty. Additional features include, inside drawstring for snug fit, brimmed hood, reflective strips, neoprene/elastic ankle and wrist cuffs, waterproof zipper and more.

We recommend the Acteon Wet-Dry Travel Bag to toss those wet socks in. This bag is water resistant and big enough for all your kids. Not to mention, the super cute design perfect for Rhythm Water.  

Amoji Kids Rain Rubber Rain Boots are a great option for rainy days. They are available in toddler and kids sizes. They are lightweight, waterproof, and anti slip. They’re also breathable and fast drying. 

Next up are our recommendations for books and field guides for Rhythm Water. Field guides are super helpful to throw in your backpack and carry to forest school. The suggested books are all non-fiction (except one) and can be used for learning and exploration, at home or on the trail. Most of these can be used in Cycle Two as we lean about different water environments and habitats. Aquatic life books will come in handy in Cycle Three.

If you have a preschooler, here is the book for them. “Backpack Explorer: Beach Walk” is perfect for little beachcombers. Kids are encouraged to discover all the wonders of saltwater oceans and freshwater lakes, from identifying shorebirds to learning about the life found in tide pools to listening to the waves and watching the tides. We love all the Backpack Explorer books and this one is a must have for Rhythm Water. 

                                                                The “Frogs, Toads & Turtles: Take Along Guide” is an introduction to the world of water loving amphibians. It’s a great book for your elementary aged Barefooters because it really invites them to spot wildlife. It has identification information, safety tips, activities, and fun facts.                                

WATER!” by National Geographic Kids explains why every drop counts and how you can start making waves to protect it Did you know the water in your glass could be the same water the dinosaurs drank? Discover more incredible facts about Earth’s water, the challenges facing it, and how your actions can help defend this precious resource.

Within every drop of pond water lurks an invisible world, alive with an amazing variety of microscopic animals. With this book and a microscope, you can bring these tiny creatures into focus and discover how they live. A World in a Drop of Water: Exploring with a Microscope is your key to the world of single-celled organisms, you’ll learn fascinating lessons about how these strange animals eat, reproduce, and defend themselves. 

The Ultimate Guide to Whitewater Rafting and River Camping” was the winner of the 2018 National Outdoor Book Award for Best Instructional Book!. We threw this in for families looking for a water adventure. This book introduces new rafters to the skills, equipment, care, and knowledge required to mount a multi-day rafting trip. It provides information on rafting techniques; reading rivers; hazard evaluation; basic rescue; camping techniques; river cooking; and expedition planning. 

The Field Guide to Ocean Animals” is a great, interactive book for young readers. It embarks on an underwater adventure exploring the Great Barrier Reef. Follow the trail of the ocean’s most magnificent creatures, including the powerful gray reef shark, the graceful-yet-deadly man-of-war, and the paralyzing blue-ringed octopus. This book is filled with incredible animal photographs, maps, interesting information, and detailed illustrations. The adventure continues as readers assemble seven different animals stored inside the pockets of each page and set up the included diorama for a stunning display. 

The three piece Waterfowl ID Series is great for identifying any type of waterfowl you might encounter. With this set, waterfowl can be identified by using information about size, shape, color pattern, markings, behavior, habitat, range and calls. Book one, two and three each cover different birds and are all equally educational as they address behavior, habitat, color patterns, and other important characteristics. They also feature male and female, full color pictures. “Waterfowl ID Series: 1 The Basics“, “Waterfowl ID Series: 2 Dabbling & Diving Ducks“, and “Waterfowl ID Series: 3 Sea Ducks & Others“. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these also support educational activities by The Cornell Lab of Ornithology. 

                                                               “Seashells: A Waterproof Folding Guide to Familiar North American Species” is for those of you who don’t know their mollusks from their bivalves. This guide is the ideal introduction to the most familiar and unique types of seashells found in the marine eco-regions of North America. It is beautifully illustrated, highlights over 85 species, and includes a marine ecoregion map. 

Dragonflies and Damselflies” includes 70 common and familiar species, information on life cycles, and illustrations of larvae, which are known as nymphs or naiads. Laminated for durability, this 12-panel folding pocket guide is the ideal companion for educators, learners, naturalists, and insect enthusiasts- and perfect for our dragonfly day in Cycle Three.

National Audubon Society Field Guide to Seashore Creatures: North America” is one of the most comprehensive field guides available to the wonders of the North American seashore.

Field Guide to Rivers & Streams: Discovering Running Waters and Aquatic Life In Field Guide to Rivers & Streams“, presents a broad scientific understanding of rivers, streams, and the animals that reside within them, written accessibly for a general audience. Topics range from what causes river flows to rise and fall to the ecology of riverine fishes. 

Waterfowl: A Field Guide to Native North American Species” is a beautifully illustrated guide to help you to identify North America’s most common waterfowl species. Originally designed for the Federal Junior Duck Stamp program, it features breeding pairs of ducks both on the water and in flight, in addition to geese and swan species. It’s also laminated for durability 

Through the Looking Glass: A Field Guide to Aquatic Plants” is out of print but you can still grab it here. This book is a comprehensive guide on all aquatic plants you might see on a hike near water.

Pond Life” describes and illustrates, in full color, the plants and animals that live in or near ponds, lakes, streams, and wetlands. It includes surface-dwelling creatures as well as those of open water, the bottom, and the shore. It also tells how various animals and plants live together in a community.

The “National Geographic Field Guide to the Water’s Edge: Beaches, Shorelines, and Riverbanks” guides the exploring naturalist to water’s edge destinations throughout North America including Canada and Alaska. Main sections of the book cover three ocean coastlines, major estuaries, wetlands, major lakes and rivers, and even backyard streams. Identification guides, information on plants, animals, shells, and other curiosities accompany photographs and illustrations. 

                                                               Two more books worth mentioning: “Beavers” is a nonfiction Superhero Field Guide series. It is a delightfully informative, laugh-out-loud full-color look at the most unsuspecting of animal heroes, perfect for readers who like their facts served with a large dose of humor. 

Seashore Life” is a great compact guide that will help you understand and enjoy the unique zone where land and ocean meet. It is a guide to: Seashells, Sea Plants, Shore Birds, Jellyfish, Starfish, Sand Crabs With over 475 marine subjects illustrated in full color.

For all your forest school must haves; these suggestions are things that would be beneficial in any BU Rhythm. Barefooters will enjoy using them for exploration and safety. You can find more general forest school buys on our Rhythm Fire Buys blog post too. 

The Bug Viewer from Carson is a fun and humane way to view insects. Temporarily trap the specimen, view the bug and then release it back into its environment. This is by far our favorite bug viewer.

The Ninyoon 4K WiFi Microscope is so much fun to use at forest school. It is a digital and wireless microscope that works with iPhone or Android. It is small and easy to bring along on a hike. This microscope is great for taking a closer look at plants, animals, or water.

This Sumind 30 Pieces Bug Viewer set is so much fun. The magnified containers offer a closer look to observe small animals or plants. It’s ideal for comparing different species and holding all your nature finds.

If you have a Barefooter that enjoys photography, check out this Akaso EK700 underwater HD camera. It takes videos and photos. It comes with 2 rechargeable 1050mAh batteries (each can record up to 90 minutes), a remote control, and built-in Wi-Fi & HDMI (edit & share in minutes with the app). 

If you need another bug viewer option, check out this one from HABA Terra Kids – Observational Magnifier. You can view bugs from above and below. It is perfect for little hands with the two handles for sturdy viewing. 

Grab these ULBEAR Safety Whistles. These are perfect for emergencies, and with this 6 pack, you will have enough for your whole family. They come with an adjustable reflective lanyard, are lightweight, waterproof, and durable.  

Who said learning had to be boring? There is no lack of fun with these water themed board games. There’s a perfect pick for kids and adults of all ages. 

                                                                    If you are a fan of memory games, try this beautiful Laurence King Under The Sea version. It’s educational, fun, and great for children of all ages as you pair up underwater animals.

Dive, the board game where you can catch a ride on a sea turtle or dolphin and dive as deep and as fast as you can to reclaim the gems of the ocean. This game can be played solitaire or with up to four players and is best for ages 8+.

If your Barefooter is a fan of puzzles, make sure you grab this Water Cycle puzzle and bonus book “Drip the Drop and the Amazing Water Cycle Story.” This is perfect for kids 5-12. 

Forgotten Waters, pirate adventure board game is a cooperative strategy game for ages 14+. In this sea themed survival game, pirates face desperate struggles in which they must fight and steal to stay alive. Every choice can leave a lasting impact on the story, and players will want turn over every rock, just to see what they find. 

The Coral Reef family card game is a great way to learn about ocean animals, habitats, and the food chain. It’s best suited for kids 10+. Players use aquatic animals such as sea turtles, sharks, and clownfish in a grid formation in this ecosystem building game. 

Just for fun, Spray Off Play Off, is a water splashing challenge that can be played indoors or out. Kids ages 8 and up challenge themselves and their opponents to complete wild and wacky challenges as fast as possible. Rest your chin on the Hydro-Pump while your teammate races the clock to complete physical and speaking challenges before the Hydro-Pump sprays you. Fun doesn’t get any better than this.

Guess in 10 Underwater Animals is fun for kids 8+. In this Guess 10 game, players ask up to 10 questions to guess the underwater animal on the game cards. 

Waterworks Card Game is the original leaky pipe card game and perfect for Rhythm Water week 13 when we learn about drainage systems. The first player to complete their own pipeline from valve to spout by connecting pipe cards in between wins.

If you want to develop daily water saving habits, then Water Game is the board game for you. Kids 8+ will learn about the importance of water conservation as they race down the river developing daily water-saving habits. Perfect for Cycle Two.

If you are looking for the best Rhythm Water STEAM picks, then look no further. 

First up is this Bath Water Thermometer. No, no, we won’t be taking baths at forest school. But this economically priced water temp thermometer is a fun addition to have on hand when we study rivers and ponds in Cycle Two. 

This Outdoor Water Powered Rocket contains everything you need to build a water rocket: a rocket body, a tail, a launcher and a pump. In addition to using the provided rocket body, you can also recycle a plastic bottle and follow the instructions to build your very own DIY water rocket.  

The Hand2Mind Test Tube Set, includes 6 flat-bottomed tubes, stoppers, a cleaning brush, test tube rack, and an activity guide. These will come in handy when your Barefooter wants to compare water samples.

                                                                 For learning about life cycles in Cycle Three, try these picks. With the Dragonfly Life Cycle Model Set, kids can see how dragonfly change and grow.It includes eggs, cub and an adult dragonfly. The Learning Resources Giant Magnetic Frog Life Cycle has nine write and wipe pieces to help students visually explore the life cycle of a frog. It also comes with a fun activity guide. Last, with this Fantarea 5 PCS Frog Life Cycle Model Figures, Barefooters can see how frogs change and grow. These realistic pieces show the different stages of the frog lifecycle.

For pool fun, grab this Aqua Blocks Pool Diving Game. There are 18 Challenge cards in three difficulty levels. It is a fun and educational pool game – to play alone or with friends. Choose a difficulty level and design, scatter the blocks in the pool, and dive down to fill out your challenge picture. 

Incase you missed it in Rhythm Fire, try your hand at making a water filter with this Pinwheel Crafts Water Filter Kit. This water purification STEM kit includes pebbles, sand, a filter chamber & filter paper. You can show kids how water is cleaned and purified by using commonly available materials. Not only will this help them learn about the water cycle, it will pique their curiosity and build their cognitive skills. 

Last, The Water Cycle Magnets are a perfect, hands on way of learning about the water cycle. Your Barefooters will love using them over and over.

Last, but certainly not least, here is the “Just for Fun” list. That’s not to say your kids won’t be learning of course. Barefooters are experts in learning through play. 

Grab this Live Aqua Dragons Deep Sea Habitat where you can hatch and grow tiny aqua dragons in a special deep sea tank. Place the eggs into their water filled habitat and after 48 hours tiny aquatic dragons hatch and come to life! The tank has everything you need to create the perfect habitat for your tiny dragons, plus food for you to keep them happy. It also has an LED light and magnifier so you can watch them eat, swim and play.

                                                                 This one is for the little Barefooters. The Ocean Animals Play Mat is great to boost your kids’ imagination and help them develop their learning skills through a trip to the ocean. The realistic sea animal toys contains 12 species of marine animals and 3 species of marine plants. There’s also a handy carrying bag to store them all in.

What could be more fun than these Reusable Water Balloons? Unlike the traditional disposable water balloons, these can be reused without polluting the environment. Open a balloon and put it into the water, it will quick fill and self seal. Then it’s ready to throw!

Flash back to the 80’s with these Liquid Motion Bubblers. Let your kids improve their visual awareness and tracking skills with an awesome toys that will keep kids entertained for hours. These work by letting gravity guide the colored droplets from top to bottom at a slow and steady speed.

The Sand Dipper Shell Collecting Beach Bag is perfect to collect treasures and shells but not the sand or water. It is light weight mesh and has adjustable shoulder straps for any Barefooter.

This 3PCS Foldable Beach Bucket Set, is perfect for a day at the beach. These silicone buckets are collapsible, BPA free, non-toxic, eco-friendly, leakproof, durable and reusable. They are paired with a sturdy handle for easy carrying and hanging. You can compress them to only 1.6 inches thick when not in use, so they are also compact and room-saving. 

That’s all folks! Hope this guide is a helpful start to your forest school year. Happy Shopping! 


Disclaimer: We do not accept money, gifts, samples, or any other incentives in exchange for suggesting items. However, we do receive affiliate fees from some online retailers (like Amazon) readers click over to their websites to purchase items from ours. This policy helps support the mission of Barefoot University.